Delivery Info


Delivery Info

Your order is in our system and will be filled as soon as it is possible.  In most cases that will be very quickly if you are in the U.S.A.  That being said, i am not so it might take a little longer than it would take to order some toilet paper or some criminally underpriced books... i digress...

What i am trying to say is, this is a one man operation so when i get a lot of orders sometimes it takes a while to get them all sorted.  but they will all be sorted.

if it has been a while since you ordered and your stuff has not shown up i am probably waiting on stock.  as soon as i have your product printed your order will be posted.

i get lots of emails regarding when stuff will arrive and i really can't respond to everyone. 

please be patient, your t-shirt will arrive.

if you are ordering internationally please keep in mind that your orders will take much longer because of the shipping time in addition to the other stuff i mentioned.  that being said your order will go out and you will get it.  you should just expect it to take a while.

I hope you enjoy your shirt.

Thank You,